Git is the revision control system used by our team. It allows for "save points" both locally (on your computer) and over a network (on a server, such as GitHub).


  • Using git allows for multiple people to work on the same project simultaneously. It is like using Google Docs, but for coding
  • If you screw up, git will allow you to undo essentially an unlimited time
  • By branching and merging, you can break into teams to focus on short term goals


  • You have to go out of your way to pull, commit, and push
  • Merging sometimes fails, which is tedious to fix
  • Some people find it intimidating to learn (although it's not tough once you get it down)

Getting Started

Try checking out the Atlassian Git Tutorial.


SourceTree is a super useful tool by Atlassian that help visualize what is going on within a git project. The tool visually shows the many active branches within a project as well as branch points and merges. We recommend you download SourceTree and use that until you get the hang of Git.