This website has the link to the CTRE website, which stands for Cross the Road Electronics.

Click on CTRE Toolsuite, then download CTRE Toolsuite Installer (.zip)

When finished, go into file explorer for windows, click on the toolsuite in downloads, extract, and complete the installation.

You should have a .exe file

In eclipse, right click on project, go to properties, Java Build Path, add External Jars, and add the .exe file.

the .exe can then be moved to a convenient place, preferably:

(users, you,) git, location of github local project, and in a library folder (you may have to create this folder, other external libraries such as WPILib and json_simple-1.1).

Also, a good directory to try if you can't get the .exe to work properly in eclipse is

(users, you,) wpilib, user, java, lib.

According to , this lib folder in the wpilib directory folder is automatically implemented into the eclipse robot projects